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Reports Running Slow? Clear Report Tables

The way the SSRS ProLaw reporting works in the background is whenever you run a report, ProLaw takes all the ProLaw information in your query, and puts the queried information into a report table in the database. When you close the report window, there is a trigger that deletes all the report information you added from the table. But what happens when your ProLaw crashes? Or you leave the report up on your screen and go home for the day and come in to being logged off? Those values stay in the table... forever...

The solution that I've found that works the best is to add a delete statement to your nightly maintenance routine in ProLaw. If you don't have a maintenance routine running, you need to, SQL databases run horribly unless you're running a nightly maintenance routine.

The syntax is pretty easy and can even be expanded to include other report tables (the screenshot below is just a sample). Embed a step similar to this in your maintenance plan and see if you get improved performance from your ProLaw reporting.

If you run into issues or need help identifying if you even have a maintenance routine, please reach out and I can help.




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