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ProLaw Back Office Q&A with Colleen Walsh - Question Submission

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Colleen Walsh is a back office ProLaw guru that I work with often , and she's agreed to be a part of my next podcast. If you have any questions or topics you'd like me to ask Colleen, please email me by the end of the day at or PM me. Some of the questions I've been thinking about: 1. What's the first back office preference you check when you look at a new client system and why? 2. Locking and unlocking; transactions and journals, what are the industry best practices? 3. I'm new, and have no idea what I'm doing, where should someone with zero accounting and ProLaw experience start if they are assigned to ProLaw back office? I was hoping to keep the scope to back office for this podcast, but feel free to send in whatever questions you have. If we don't address them on this podcast, maybe the next. For those of you who don't know Colleen, she is a certified CPA, supported ProLaw for almost 22+ years now I think, and has been a consultant for more than 15, loose numbers, but experience matters, and Colleen is the absolute best back office support person I've met in my 10 years working with ProLaw. She's also very nice and a great person to work with in general. I'm really looking forward to spending a few minutes on the podcast discussing ProLaw back office.

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