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Virtual CIO (vCIO) is a fixed fee price model to help companies with more than 20 employees effectively manage Information Technology (IT) services, in-house IT personnel or outside IT vendor contracts. The challenge for many business leaders is bridging the IT knowledge gap, and making informed IT business decisions. The vCIO service by C2Axis helps address these issues.  For a flat fee of $15 per employee monthly, C2Axis will perform the following:


  • Initial on site audit, Senior Management Meet and Greet, and IT personnel interview(s).

  • Review all IT related business expenses prior to purchase.

  • All IT purchase orders triple source vendor checked.

  • Monthly IT ticket review of all issues and change recommendations.

  • Monthly/Quarterly IT meeting depending on need.

  • Bi-annual IT interviews (Optional).

  • IT resource for in house IT personnel.

  • Long Term IT planning.


vCIO services do not include day to day operations.  This service is an oversight and IT steering program that enables small to medium size businesses leverage experienced IT professionals at a price point that is affordable. The vCIO program also removes the conflict of buying equipment and additional IT services from outside vendors, who profit with their recommendations.  Let C2axis be your IT advocate.


Jason the owner and founder of C2Axis started his IT career in the USMC, and learned to build computer networks with zero budget and hand me down technology.  He hates over paying for IT services and equipment.  There is a fine line to walk between value and being counterproductive, but it’s equally important to be fairly represented in the market place and to pay the proper and just amount for goods and services.  Don’t let lack of knowledge and experience cost you money for IT.

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