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C2Axis developers have been supporting ProLaw for almost a decade now.  Starting with version 10 and has experience with all the versions to current. ProLaw is a complex and malleable software platform that enables law firms to tailor a software package to meet their and their client’s needs. While ProLaw has offerings for front or back office, the one office approach to law firm management has many advantages.  Combining front office custom fields like; litigation tracking of case jurisdictions,  complaint information, internal case management information, with billing, document, time, and contact management is an invaluable resource.  ProLaw one office enables firm managers and senior partners to combine what have traditionally been disparate data resources.  Combining what has traditionally been multiple software packages into a single unified piece also decreases complexity and reduces overhead software cost.  Leveraging these data sets with custom reporting and process management is what can set your firm apart from the rest and increase the efficiency and value of your law firm.


The task of modernizing and streamlining law firm management practices is not easy.  Many in the legal industry are resistant to change and prefer the slow and methodical change that is in line with the court system, but many firms are finding that client business needs are forcing change, and demanding a higher level of over sight.  Managing firms with multiple offices, with more attorneys than can comfortably sit in a small conference room is challenging.  Managing an active docket, documents, billing processes, client contacts, and matter caseloads per client and attorney even more challenging.  ProLaw can help add standardization across an organization and provide a common platform which data analytic processes can be created, monitored, reported, and updated as the practice changes.


C2Axis developers have experience working with large firms across multiple offices and many attorneys.  Creating; custom ProLaw data fields, custom document type list based on custom areas of law, document templates, client reporting, internal reporting, customizing statement formats, creating time tracking mechanisms for attorneys and managers, and creating dynamic tools via office and the web to help expose the data to decision makers.  You have the smart people, you have the right software, make sure you have the right professionals who can help your law firm integrate and incorporate your software into the practice that makes your firm more successful and profitable.

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