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Updated 4/1/2020

I always recommend you check the Knowledge Base (KB) Article #:72970 .  The ProLaw KB is both the authority and a greatly under utilized informational source.   The purpose of posting here is mostly for training and rules set lookup for attorneys. Title above also links to the source document.  Date above is the last time this page, and corresponding documentation was updated.

United States Intellectual Property Rules
CUS01 Copyright: United States
BPAI1 Patent: Patent Trial and Appeal Board (Part 41 Practice)
BPAI2 Patent: Patent Trial and Appeal Board (Part 42 Trial Practice)
TUS01 Trademark Prosecution: United States
TTAB1 Trademark Trial and Appeals Board Rules
PUTIL United States Utility Patent
PPLAN United States Plant Patent
PDESI United States Design Patent
PPROV United States Provisional Patent
PPUSA Patent Prosecution: United States Accelerated Examination
International Trade / Internet Rules
CIT01 Court of International Trade
DND01 ICANN: Domain Name Dispute Resolution Rules
ITC01 United States International Trade Commission
Copyright Law
CAR01 Copyright: Argentina
CAM01 Copyright: Armenia
CAU01 Copyright: Australia
CCA01 Copyright: Canada
CCN01 Copyright: China
CFR01 Copyright: France
CDE01 Copyright: Germany
CIN01 Copyright: India
CSG01 Copyright: Singapore
Patent Law
PAL01 Patent: Albania
PAL02 Industrial Design: Albania
PAL03 Utility Model: Albania
PDZ01 Patent: Algeria
PDZ02 Industrial Design: Algeria
PAG01 Patent: Antigua and Barbuda
PAG02 Industrial Design: Antigua and Barbuda
PAG03 Utility Model: Antigua and Barbuda
PAO01 Patent: Angola
PAO02 Industrial Design: Angola
PAR01 Patent: Argentina
PAR02 Industrial Design: Argentina
PAR03 Utility Model: Argentina
Intellectual Property (IP) Rules are divided into jurisdictions and protection schemes, covering 
both foreign and domestic protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain name 
disputes and international trade.
PAP01 Patent: ARIPO
PAM01 Patent: Armenia
PAM02 Industrial Design: Armenia
PAM03 Utility Model: Armenia
PAU01 Patent: Australia
PAU02 Industrial Design: Australia
PAT01 Patent: Austria
PAT02 Industrial Design: Austria
PAT03 Utility Model: Austria
PAZ01 Patent: Azerbaijan
PAZ02 Industrial Design: Azerbaijan
PBS01 Patent: Bahamas
PBS02 Industrial Design: Bahamas
PBH08 Patent: Bahrain
PBH03 Utility Model: Bahrain
PBD01 Patent: Bangladesh
PBB01 Patent: Barbados
PBB02 Industrial Design: Barbados
PBY01 Patent: Belarus
PBY02 Industrial Design: Belarus
PBY03 Utility Model: Belarus
PBE01 Patent: Belgium
PBZ01 Patent: Belize
PBZ02 Industrial Design: Belize
PBZ03 Utility Model: Belize
PBT01 Patent:  Bhutan
PBT02 Industrial Design: Bhutan
PBA01 Patent: Bosnia and Herzegovina
PBA02 Industrial Design: Bosnia and Herzegovina
PBW01 Patent: Botswana
PBW02 Industrial Design: Botswana
PBW03 Utility Model: Botswana
PBR01 Patent: Brazil
PBR02 Industrial Design: Brazil
PBN01 Patent: Brunei Darussalam
PBG01 Patent: Bulgaria
PBG02 Industrial Design: Bulgaria
PBG03 Utility Model: Bulgaria
PCA01 Patent: Canada
PCA02 Industrial Design: Canada
PKH01 Patent: Cambodia
PKH02 Industrial Design: Cambodia
PKH03 Utility Model: Cambodia
PCL01 Patent: Chile
PCN01 Patent: China
PCN02 Industrial Design: China
PCN03 Utility Model: China NEW
PCO01 Patent: Colombia
PCO02 Industrial Design: Colombia
PCR01 Patent: Costa Rica
PHR01 Patent: Croatia
PHR02 Industrial Design: Croatia
PCU01 Patent: Cuba
PCU02 Industrial Design: Cuba NEW
PCY01 Patent: Cyprus
PCZ01 Patent: Czech Republic
PCZ02 Industrial Design: Czech Republic
PCZ03 Utility Model: Czech Republic
PDK01 Patent: Denmark
PDK02 Industrial Design: Denmark
PDK03 Utility Model: Denmark
PDM01 Patent: Dominica
PDO01 Patent: Dominican Republic
PDO02 Industrial Design: Dominican Republic
PDO03 Utility Model: Dominican Republic
PEC01 Patent: Ecuador
PEG01 Patent: Egypt
PEG02 Industrial Design: Egypt
PEG03 Utility Model: Egypt
PSV01 Patent: El Salvador
PEE01 Patent: Estonia
PEE02 Industrial Design: Estonia
PEE03 Utility Model: Estonia
PEP01 Patent: European Patent Convention
PEP02 Industrial Design: European Community Design
PFI01 Patent: Finland
PFI02 Industrial Design: Finland
PFI03 Utility Model: Finland
PFR01 Patent: France
PFR02 Industrial Design: France
PGM01 Patent: Gambia
PGM02 Industrial Design: Gambia
PGM03 Utility Model: Gambia
PGE01 Patent: Georgia
PGE02 Industrial Design: Georgia
PGE03 Utility Model: Georgia
PDE01 Patent: Germany
PDE02 Industrial Design: Germany
PDE03 Utility Model: Germany
PGH01 Patent: Ghana
PGH02 Industrial Design: Ghana NEW
PGH03 Utility Model: Ghana NEW
PGR01 Patent: Greece
PGD01 Patent: Grenada
PGR02 Industrial Design: Greece
PGR03 Utility Model: Greece
PGT01 Patent: Guatemala
PGT02 Industrial Design: Guatemala
PGT03 Utility Model: Guatemala
PGCC Patent: Gulf Cooperation Council
PHN01 Patent: Honduras
PHN02 Industrial Design: Honduras
PHN03 Utility Model: Honduras
PHK01 Patent: Hong Kong
PHU01 Patent: Hungary
PHU02 Industrial Design: Hungary
PHU03 Utility Model: Hungary
PIS01 Patent: Iceland
PIS02 Industrial Design: Iceland
PIN01 Patent: India
PIN02 Industrial Design: India
PID01 Patent: Indonesia
PID02 Industrial Design: Indonesia
PID03 Utility Model: Indonesia
PIE01 Patent: Ireland
PIE02 Industrial Design: Ireland
PIL01 Patent: Israel
PIL02 Industrial Design: Israel
PIT01 Patent: Italy
PIT02 Industrial Design: Italy
PIT03 Utility Model: Italy
PJM01 Patent: Jamaica
PJM02 Industrial Design: Jamaica
PJP01 Patent: Japan
PJP02 Industrial Design: Japan
PJP03 Utility Model: Japan
PJO01 Patent: Jordan
PJO02 Industrial Design: Jordan
PKZ01 Patent: Kazakhstan
PKZ02 Industrial Design: Kazakhstan
PKZ03 Utility Model: Kazakhstan
PKE01 Patent: Kenya
PKE02 Industrial Design: Kenya
PKE03 Utility Model: Kenya
PKR01 Patent: Korea (South)
PKR02 Industrial Design: South Korea
PKW08 Patent: Kuwait
PKG01 Patent: Kyrgyzstan
PKG02 Industrial Design: Kyrgyzstan
PKG03 Utility Model: Kyrgyzstan
PLA01 Patent: Laos
PLA02 Industrial Design: Laos
PLV01 Patent: Latvia
PLV02 Industrial Design: Latvia
PLB01 Patent: Lebanon
PLS01 Patent: Lesotho
PLS02 Industrial Design: Lesotho
PLR01 Patent: Liberia
PLR02 Industrial Design: Liberia NEW
PLR03 Utility Model: Liberia NEW
PLY01 Patent: Libya
PLI01 Patent: Liechtenstein
PLI02 Industrial Design: Liechtenstein
PLT01 Patent: Lithuania
PLT02 Industrial Design: Lithuania
PLU01 Patent: Luxembourg
PMK01 Patent: Macedonia
PMK02 Industrial Design: Macedonia
PMG01 Patent: Madagascar
PMG02 Industrial Design: Madagascar
PMY01 Patent: Malaysia
PMY02 Industrial Design: Malaysia
PMT01 Patent: Malta
PMT02 Industrial Design: Malta
PMU01 Patent: Mauritius
PMU03 Industrial Design: Mauritius
PMX01 Patent: Mexico
PMX02 Utility Model: Mexico
PMX03 Industrial Design: Mexico
PMD01 Patent: Moldova
PMD02 Industrial Design: Moldova
PMC01 Patent: Monaco
PMN01 Patent: Mongolia
PMN02 Industrial Design: Mongolia
PMN03 Utility Model: Mongolia
PME01 Patent: Montenegro
PME02 Industrial Design: Montenegro
PMA01 Patent: Morocco
PMA02 Industrial Design: Morocco
PMZ01 Patent: Mozambique
PMZ02 Industrial Design: Mozambique
PMZ03 Utility Model: Mozambique
PNA01 Patent: Namibia
PNA02 Industrial Design: Namibia
PNA03 Utility Model: Namibia
PNP01 Patent: Nepal
PNP02 Industrial Design: Nepal
PNL01 Patent: Netherlands
PNZ01 Patent: New Zealand
PNZ02 Industrial Design: New Zealand
PNI01 Patent: Nicaragua
PNI02 Industrial Design: Nicaragua
PNG01 Patent: Nigeria
PNG02 Industrial Design: Nigeria
PNO01 Patent: Norway
PNO02 Industrial Design: Norway
POA01 Patent: OAPI (African IP Union)
POM08 Patent: Oman
PPK01 Patent: Pakistan
PPK02 Industrial Design: Pakistan
PPA01 Patent: Panama
PPA02 Industrial Design: Panama
PPG01 Patent: Papua New Guinea
PPG02 Industrial Design: Papua New Guinea NEW
PCTPR Patent: PCT Claiming Priority
PCTNP Patent: PCT Not Claiming Priority
PPE01 Patent: Peru
PPE02 Industrial Design: Peru
PPH01 Patent: Philippines
PPH02 Industrial Design: Philippines
PPH03 Utility Model: Philippines
PPL01 Patent: Poland
PPL02 Industrial Design: Poland
PPL03 Utility Model: Poland
PPT01 Patent: Portugal
PPT02 Industrial Design: Portugal
PPT03 Utility Model: Portugal
PQA08 Patent: Qatar
PRO01 Patent: Romania
PRO02 Industrial Design: Romania
PRO03 Utility Model: Romania
PRU01 Patent: Russian Federation
PRU02 Industrial Design: Russian Federation
PRW01 Patent: Rwanda NEW
PRW02 Industrial Design: Rwanda NEW
PRW03 Utility Model: Rwanda
PVC01 Patent: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
PVC02 Industrial Design: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
PSM01 Patent: San Marino
PSA08 Patent: Saudi Arabia
PRS01 Patent: Serbia
PSC01 Patent: Seychelles
PSC02 Industrial Design: Seychelles NEW
PSC03 Utility Model: Seychelles NEW
PSG01 Patent: Singapore
PSG02 Industrial Design: Singapore
PSK01 Patent: Slovakia
PSK02 Industrial Design: Slovakia
PSK03 Utility Model: Slovakia
PSI01 Patent: Slovenia
PSI02 Industrial Design: Slovenia
PZA01 Patent: South Africa
PZA02 Industrial Design: South Africa
PES01 Patent: Spain
PES02 Industrial Design: Spain
PES03 Utility Model: Spain
PLK01 Patent: Sri Lanka
PLK02 Industrial Design: Sri Lanka
PKN01 Patent: St. Kitts and Nevis
PLC01 Patent: St. Lucia
PSE01 Patent: Sweden
PSE02 Industrial Design: Sweden
PCH01 Patent: Switzerland
PCH02 Industrial Design: Switzerland
PTW01 Patent: Taiwan
PTZ01 Patent: Tanzania
PTH01 Patent: Thailand
PTH02 Industrial Design: Thailand NEW
PTH03 Utility Model: Thailand NEW
PTT01 Patent: Trinidad and Tobago
PTN01 Patent: Tunisia
PTR01 Patent: Turkey
PTR02 Industrial Design: Turkey NEW
PTR03 Utility Model: Turkey
PTM01 Patent: Turkmenistan
PUA01 Patent: Ukraine
PUA02 Industrial Design: Ukraine
PUA03 Utility Model: Ukraine
PGB01 Patent: United Kingdom
PGB02 Industrial Design: United Kingdom
PAE08 Patent: United Arab Emirates
PUY01 Patent: Uruguay
PUY02 Industrial Design: Uruguay NEW
PUY03 Utility Model: Uruguay NEW
PUZ01 Patent: Uzbekistan
PVE01 Patent: Venezuela
PVE02 Industrial Design: Venezuela
PVN01 Patent: Vietnam
PVN02 Industrial Design: Vietnam
PVN03 Utility Model: Vietnam NEW
PZM01 Patent: Zambia
PZM02 Industrial Design: Zambia
PZW01 Patent: Zimbabwe
PZW02 Industrial Design: Zimbabwe
Trademark Law
TMP01 Trademark: Madrid Protocol
TOA01 Trademark: African Union
TAL01 Trademark: Albania
TDZ01 Trademark: Algeria
TAO01 Trademark: Angola
TAG01 Trademark: Antigua and Barbuda
TAR01 Trademark: Argentina
TAP01 Trademark: ARIPO
TAM01 Trademark: Armenia
TAU01 Trademark: Australia
TAT01 Trademark: Austria
TAZ01 Trademark: Azerbaijan
TBS01 Trademark: Bahamas
TBH01 Trademark: Bahrain
TBD01 Trademark: Bangladesh
TBB01 Trademark: Barbados
TBY01 Trademark: Belarus
TBZ01 Trademark: Belize
TBT01 Trademark:  Bhutan
TBX01 Trademark: Benelux
TBA01 Trademark: Bosnia and Herzegovina
TBW01 Trademark: Botswana
TBR01 Trademark: Brazil
TBN01 Trademark: Brunei Darussalam
TBG01 Trademark: Bulgaria
TCA01 Trademark: Canada
TKH01 Trademark: Cambodia
TCL01 Trademark: Chile
TCN01 Trademark: China
TCO01 Trademark: Colombia
TCR01 Trademark: Costa Rica
THR01 Trademark: Croatia
TCU01 Trademark: Cuba
TCY01 Trademark: Cyprus
TCZ01 Trademark: Czech Republic
TDK01 Trademark: Denmark
TDM01 Trademark: Dominica
TDO01 Trademark: Dominican Republic
TEC01 Trademark: Ecuador
TEG01 Trademark: Egypt
TSV01 Trademark: El Salvador
TEE01 Trademark: Estonia
TCT01 Trademark: European Union
TFI01 Trademark: Finland
TFR01 Trademark: France
TGM01 Trademark: Gambia
TGE01 Trademark: Georgia
TDE01 Trademark: Germany
TGR01 Trademark: Greece
TGH01 Trademark: Ghana
TGT01 Trademark: Guatemala
THN01 Trademark: Honduras
THK01 Trademark: Hong Kong
THU01 Trademark: Hungary
TIS01 Trademark: Iceland
TIN01 Trademark: India
TID01 Trademark: Indonesia
TIE01 Trademark: Ireland
TIL01 Trademark: Israel
TIT01 Trademark: Italy
TJM01 Trademark: Jamaica
TJP01 Trademark: Japan
TJO01 Trademark: Jordan
TKZ01 Trademark: Kazakhstan
TKE01 Trademark: Kenya
TKW01 Trademark: Kuwait
TKG01 Trademark: Kyrgyzstan
TLA01 Trademark: Laos
TLV01 Trademark: Latvia
TLB01 Trademark: Lebanon
TLS01 Trademark: Lesotho
TLR01 Trademark: Liberia
TLY01 Trademark: Libya
TLI01 Trademark: Liechtenstein
TLT01 Trademark: Lithuania
TMK01 Trademark: Macedonia
TMG01 Trademark: Madagascar
TMY01 Trademark: Malaysia
TMT01 Trademark: Malta
TMU01 Trademark: Mauritius
TMX01 Trademark: Mexico
TMD01 Trademark: Moldova
TMC01 Trademark: Monaco
TMN01 Trademark: Mongolia
TME01 Trademark: Montenegro
TMA01 Trademark: Morocco
TMZ01 Trademark: Mozambique
TNA01 Trademark: Namibia
TNP01 Trademark: Nepal
TNZ01 Trademark: New Zealand
TNI01 Trademark: Nicaragua
TNG01 Trademark: Nigeria
TNO01 Trademark: Norway
TOM01 Trademark: Oman
TPK01 Trademark: Pakistan
TPA01 Trademark: Panama
TPG01 Trademark: Papua New Guinea
TPE01 Trademark: Peru
TPH01 Trademark: Philippines
TPL01 Trademark: Poland
TPT01 Trademark: Portugal
TRO01 Trademark: Romania
TRU01 Trademark: Russian Federation
TRW01 Trademark: Rwanda
TVC01 Trademark: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines NEW
TSM01 Trademark: San Marino
TSA01 Trademark: Saudi Arabia
TRS01 Trademark: Serbia
TSC01 Trademark: Seychelles
TSG01 Trademark: Singapore
TSK01 Trademark: Slovakia
TSI01 Trademark: Slovenia
TZA01 Trademark: South Africa
TKR01 Trademark: South Korea
TES01 Trademark: Spain
TLK01 Trademark: Sri Lanka
TLC01 Trademark: St. Lucia
TKN01 Trademark: St. Kitts and Nevis NEW
TSE01 Trademark: Sweden
TCH01 Trademark: Switzerland
TTW01 Trademark: Taiwan
TTZ01 Trademark: Tanzania
TTH01 Trademark: Thailand
TTT01 Trademark: Trinidad and Tobago
TTN01 Trademark: Tunisia
TTR01 Trademark: Turkey
TTM01 Trademark: Turkmenistan
TUA01 Trademark: Ukraine
TAE01 Trademark: United Arab Emirates
TGB01 Trademark: United Kingdom
TUY01 Trademark: Uruguay
TUZ01 Trademark: Uzbekistan
TVE01 Trademark: Venezuela
TZM01 Trademark: Zambia
TVN01 Trademark: Vietnam
TZW01 Trademark: Zimbabwe

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