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Matters that haven't been touched in 2 years

One of the challenges many firms face is how to accurately get active professional case counts for assigned attorneys. Matters go stagnant and stay that way, and before you know it, you have 10,000 open matters for 10 attorneys, no bueno. Luckily, we can query for matter activity with ProLaw.

The following query looks for all matters that have been opened for more than 2 years, but haven't had a; time entry saved, document saved, statement created, or any current A/R, WIP, or batch.

[status = open and opened date < today-730 and not having any (Event Reminders.Date  > today-730) ] and not[Having (Total WIP > 0) or having (Total Batch > 0) or Having (Total A/R > 0)] and [Last Statement Date < today-730] and not[having any (Last Transaction Date > today-730)]

My recommendation would be to create a dynamic report queue that queries all the attorneys for your firm, creates a report for each, and then emails each individual report to each attorney. I'd set the schedule for monthly to every attorney with the list of matters that meet the criteria and have an admin/accounting follow up and close the matters. If an attorney wants to keep a matter open, he/she can save a document or create a time entry to the matter the want to stay open and that matter will be excluded from the query next time the query runs.


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