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Partner Leaving the Firm? Payments This Year on Fees Billed Last Year

Screen Shot of ProLaw Revenue Analysis Report with Query

QUESTION: I want to see payments or write-offs posted this year for statements run last year.

PROBLEM: Ledger Query for "Statement Date" or "Date" returns payment or write-off date.

SOLUTION: We cannot query by the original statement date to get payments, but we can select a range of statement numbers.

STEPS: 1) Run this query in Ledger: Statement and Date in December 2018

2) Note the highest statement number. (In this example, it is 11364.)

3) Run this query in Ledger: Cash Receipt and Date in 2019 and Statement Number < 11365

4) Run this query in Revenue Analysis Reports if you want to see fees received by Professional:

Statement Number < 11365 and Initials = 'CMW'

This will return cash receipts dated in 2019 on statements run in before 2019.

The same query can be modified to include write-offs.

5) Run this query in Ledger: (Cash Receipt or Write-off) and Date in 2019 and Statement Number < 11365

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