ProLaw Conference and Additional Community Information Sources

View of Times Square

Had a great time at Vantage NYC 2018. I'm looking forward to the upcoming software updates for ProLaw. Below is a link to all the information I promised to different people at different times. I thought I would include all the links and info in one place for everyone to share:

Information places:

1. ProLaw Knowledge Base

2. Public Rules Set List for ProLaw Docketing

3. Yahoo ProLaw Group

4. Customer Portal

5. LinkedIn ProLaw Group

Contact Information:

1. Me Jason - Website - Email

2. Colleen Walsh whom I spoke to many of you about, she's my back office guru. And by guru, I mean CPA. - Website - Email

Don't forget you can sign up for email updates at my website . Signing up is free, and I wont spam you with anything that's not prolaw related. I just want to my best to ensure that everyone has the information they need to make ProLaw successful for their firm.

Thanks, Jason

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