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Document Type Setup Tips & Tricks

New video posted with my strategies for setting up ProLaw document types using rules sets.

Most Frequently Used Fields

1. Description

-Duplicates ok (usually for different event classes)

-Think about global defaults (email, conflict check, check)

2. Rules Set

-Creates organization at the matter level.

-Requires intake to add rules for use

-Usually matches area of law

-Regulatory (REG) ; forms, formal correspondence naming

-Litigation (LIT) ; pleadings, answer, disclosures, settlement agreement

-Employment (EMPLY) ; employee records, charge documents

-Administrative (ADMIN) ; engagement letters, insurance guidelines, resumes, employee handbooks

-Create Discontinued (DISC). Creating a rules set that is never added to a matter allows you to “move” unused document types out of the available document types in a matter/rules set

3. Event Class

-I think every document type should have an event class

-It can be changed after adding a document (but shouldn’t)

-Biggest firm sticking point, but with consensus comes efficiency

4. Area of Law

-Allows restriction when specificity is needed

-None means global

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. 8)

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