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ProLaw Calendaring Rules & Information

Federal Litigation


The Federal Jurisdictions are really where the system shines.  If you're docketing in multiple jurisidctions or have a large practice that needs to be managed by senior attorneys, this is your tool.

State & City
Litigation Rules

State jurisdictional rules are available for all 50 states.  In addition to the state rules, we also have some jurisdictions like Los Angeles available.  

Judge Rules & Standing Orders

In addition to Federal, State, and City rules available, we also have rules per judge.

IP Rules

Intellectual Property US & Foreign Country Rules Available

Custom Rules

We can create custom rules for State Agency Deadlines, Federal Gov. Deadlines, Licensing etc.  Anything your firm needs to systemically track on a professional basis.

Protect Your Firm

Properly implementing the ProLaw jurisdictional rules set can give your attorneys a tool against procedural oversights. Docketing, especially in complex litigation cases, can be arduous.  Using the jurisdictional rules, we can match the language of the scheduling order to create the procedural deadlines per the court. 

I've helped some firms implement just the docketing portion of ProLaw.  I usually recommend migrating toward one office for firm efficiency, but I will never argue against ProLaw docketing.  It works.

Not only will ProLaw docket the correct deadline based on the local rules, it will also update that deadline future deadlines affected by changes automatically.  

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