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SQL Code for finding professionals assigned to default docket types

If you've ever tried to deactivate a prolaw professional and can't, check out the bottom left corner of the screen and see if you're getting a warning. I think the error/warning you're getting is from assigned to "docket types", meaning the default dockets, to that professional. To fix manually, you'd need to review all the dockets with the assigned professional from tools->setup->docket types off the dashboard. If you have westlaw calendaring rules however, this would take a longgggg time. I prefer using the code below.

I need to make a report of this, but if you can run a sql script, here is the code. Just change the second to last line initials from ANT to the initials of the person you need to deactivate.

SELECT professionals.ProfName,

(select E2.EventDesc from eventtypes e2 where EventTypes.EventTypesParent = e2.EventTypes) as 'eventParentName' ,

EventTypes.EventDesc, RulesSet, RulesSetDesc

FROM EventTypes

INNER JOIN EventTypesDocket ON EventTypes.EventTypes = EventTypesDocket.EventTypes


ON EventTypes.EventTypeRules = EventTypeRules.EventTypeRules

left outer join EventTypeProfs on EventTypeProfs.EventTypes = EventTypes.EventTypes

left outer join EventTypeProfName on EventTypeProfName.EventTypes = eventtypes.EventTypes

left outer join Professionals on Professionals.Professionals = EventTypeProfName.Professionals

WHERE professionals.Initials = 'ANT'


That will identify the dockets you need to update to remove that professional and then deactivate. I recommend to always replace specified professionals with another from a process stand point. If someone needed to be added to it specifically in the past, makes sense someone would need to be added for the future. But if you've already added the replacement, then just delete the assigned professional you want to remove. Be careful though that someone or some type is assigned to the docket, you don't want to create docket entries without assigned professionals. Docketing items without assignment usually throws an error when trying to exit the matter.



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