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Future Westlaw Dockets Missing Assigned Professional from Matters

Had an interesting problem recently, that I think is probably fairly common, especially if you do a lot of case reassignments in ProLaw and use ProLaw Westlaw Docketing Rules.

The following code snippet will show all the instances where the designated 'Responsible Attorney' listed under the general tab in a matter is missing from future westlaw dockets.

The code will also catch instances where the same professional type assignment is used multiple times. So if you had two responsible attorneys assigned, it would even catch instances where one or both are missing from the docket.

The code only checks future (events after yesterday), uncompleted dockets. If you need help implementing this into a reoccuring weekly front office QA report, please contact me. I'd love to help.

Code seems to efficiently run in both small and large DB instances.

Thanks - Jason


Written By Jason Davey C2Axis 7/25/18

Problem: Westlaw Docket Events are not re-assigned when matter is reassigned to a different professional. Solution: Create event lookup from matters that compares assigned type professional to docket asisgned professionals.


select a.MatterID, a.ShortDesc, a.Responsible, a.DocketNumber, a.EventDate, a.ShortNote, a.RulesSetDesc, left(a.currentassignedinit,len(a.CurrentAssignedInit)-1) as AssignedProfInit

from ( select matterid, shortdesc, professionals.profname as 'Responsible Attorney', EventsNo DocketNumber, EventDate,shortnote, eventtyperules.RulesSetDesc, ( select top 1 profname from events events2 left outer join EventProfs on EventProfs.ProfSet = events2.ProfSet left outer join Professionals p2 on p2.Professionals = EventProfs.Professionals where Professionals.Professionals =p2.Professionals and events2.Events = events.Events

) as DocketCheck,

(select stuff((select DISTINCT(p3.Initials) + ' , ' from events e3 left outer join EventProfs ep2 on ep2.ProfSet = e3.ProfSet left outer join Professionals p3 on p3.Professionals = ep2.Professionals where e3.Events = events.Events FOR XML PATH('')) ,1,0,'' )) as 'CurrentAssignedInit'

from matters left outer join MattersProfessionals on MattersProfessionals.Matters = matters.matters and MattersProfessionals.AssignedType = 'Responsible' left outer join Professionals on Professionals.Professionals = MattersProfessionals.Professionals

left outer join EventMatters on EventMatters.Matters = matters.Matters left outer join events on events.Events = EventMatters.Events left outer join EventTypes on events.EventTypes = eventtypes.EventTypes left outer join EventTypeRules on EventTypeRules.EventTypeRules = EventTypes.EventTypeRules

where (SEARCHDONEDATE<{D '1900-01-01'} OR SEARCHDONEDATE IS NULL ) AND Events.EVENTKIND='D' and matters.Status = 'open' and IsLegalex = 'Y') a where a.DocketCheck IS NULL and eventdate > dateadd(day,datediff(day,1,GETDATE()),0) order by matterid, DocketNumber

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