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May 2018 Rules Set Docket Check

Not sure why I never wrote this before, but if you want to check the current rules set release against your active docketed matters, here is the code. You do need to know how to run a sql query, or create a new data set.

It will show you the matters that have future non completed docket events for the updated rules sets. If you know how to update SQL, you can also include the assigned professional from the general tab with a little tweaking. If you want to use the code in the future, you'll need to update the rules set list in the where condition.

Don't forget we have the current rules set update list here:

Just don't forget to check the date.


Written By Jason Davey


Problem: Rules Set update check

Solution: Cross check of all active future docket by rules set code.

Also includes an assigned prof lookup if you want to pull the assigned professional from the general tab absed on assigned type.

This code is only good for the rules set update from May 2018, but you could update the where condition to check for any rules set.


select DISTINCT matterid, shortdesc, AreaOfLaw, MatterType, EventTypeRules.RulesSet, RulesSetDesc

--,Professionals.ProfName as pointAtt, Professionals.EmailID

from matters

left outer join EventMatters on EventMatters.Matters = matters.matters

left outer join events on EventMatters.Events = events.Events

left outer join EventTypes on events.EventTypes = EventTypes.EventTypes

left outer join EventTypeRules on EventTypeRules.EventTypeRules = EventTypes.EventTypeRules

--left outer join MattersProfessionals on matters.Matters = MattersProfessionals.Matters and MattersProfessionals.AssignedType = 'Responsible'

--left outer join Professionals on Professionals.Professionals = MattersProfessionals.Professionals

where status = 'open' and events.EventKind = 'D' and IsLegalex = 'Y' and DoneDate IS NULL and EventDate > dateadd(dd,-1,GETDATE())

and RulesSet IN ( '01CCP', '0GSCA', '0LHDP', '0WRAP', '1HPAE', '1YSCA', '2BFRA', '2FLA5', '3VTEX', '3YNCA', '3ZNCE', '41FC5', '44UBE', '45DCR', '4APCR', '4KGAL', '4ZJEF', '58WOK', '5ATXP', '5CYCP', '5HMCP', '5LCCP', '5MNHM', '5OFJD', '5TBWS', '5ZMOA', '6MO07', '6MO29', '73DCN', '7A18S', '7NINB', '7TUA6', '7WWBC', '85ALM', '8KCRC', '8LSDF', '8QEDM', '8XWDT', '9XCDW', 'B3MTU', 'B7TXA', 'B9TX4', 'C0AMF', 'C2T10', 'C6INR', 'D6WLJ', 'District', 'ENARR', 'ENNGG', 'ENPKC', 'F3DCS', 'F7MSP', 'FTXTR', 'I6ORP', 'I8WLA', 'L2ALL', 'L2LUZ', 'L2YOR', 'L5VCA', 'L5VSC', 'L6NCR', 'L6P31', 'L7K02', 'L7K04', 'L7K10', 'L7K11', 'SNGBD', 'SNLAK', 'SNLLS', 'SNNRB', 'SNRMB', 'SNRWS', 'SNVM' )

--order by pointAtt

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