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Clean Up Your Active Professionals. Even the professionals with "I can't mark this profess

Your maintenance fees every year are based on your active professionals. If you have a lot of professionals active, but no longer with the firm, you could be potentially paying more in annual maintenance than necessary.

If you're going through your professional list and making professionals inactive and get the error: "I can't mark this professional as inactive because they have been assigned to a docket type." Translation; a default docket has this professional assigned by default. You can't make the professional inactive, because then you would be adding a docket with that specified professional, but you can't add inactive professionals to active dockets, so ProLaw doesn't allow you to make them inactive to prevent a database error.

But we still need to make them inactive. If you have a lot of custom docket rules, or don't remember all the dockets you've added a professional to (that makes you normal by the way), here is a code snippet you can use to find exactly which dockets that professional has been added to by default.


SELECT professionals.ProfName, (select E2.EventDesc from eventtypes e2 where EventTypes.EventTypesParent = e2.EventTypes) as 'eventParentName' , EventTypes.EventDesc, RulesSet, RulesSetDesc

FROM EventTypes INNER JOIN EventTypesDocket ON EventTypes.EventTypes = EventTypesDocket.EventTypes LEFT OUTER JOIN EventTypeRules ON EventTypes.EventTypeRules = EventTypeRules.EventTypeRules left outer join EventTypeProfs on EventTypeProfs.EventTypes = EventTypes.EventTypes left outer join EventTypeProfName on EventTypeProfName.EventTypes = eventtypes.EventTypes left outer join Professionals on Professionals.Professionals = EventTypeProfName.Professionals

WHERE professionals.initials = 'AK' ORDER BY RULESSET


Paste this code into SQL development studio and update the initials highlighted above to the professional you need to check.

You should get a result like this:

Then you can lookup the docket they are assigned to from tools->setup->docket, then search by event type name (eventDesc column from the result) and find the professional and delete them from the list of default professionals.

Go back to professionals and you should be able to make them inactive. Hope this helps. Hope you're well.

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