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pROlAW COnsulting

Front Office Training

Custom Report Writing

System Configuration

Server Optimizations

Legal Process Management


Custom Docketing Design

Custom Document Templates

Report Queue Setup

Management Reporting

Financial Reporting

Expertise Areas


The hard part is putting it all together.  How can we leverage all the technologies and make them work together versus every app and system having a single function. That's where the efficiency lies in technology. Let us help you work toward technology integration, not inundation. 



Use the power of software to address your firm’s unique needs and challenges.  C2Axis has Prolaw Consultants on staff.  It's not part of what we do, ProLaw consulting is what we do.

ProLaw Training & Setup

Add some experience in system setup for your firm.  Provide additional training for your staff and help them make ProLaw the tool they want to use.  


Ensure your firm has a robust continuity plan for seamless transition in the event of a natural disaster or unplanned outage



Streamline your practice with cost effective case management with technology



Strengthen your existing IT staff with experienced oversight and the confidence they can face the routine and unexpected software, database and network processes

IT QA for Government

We provide independent oversight of IT spending and assist with long-term planning for local and regional government agencies


Information technology and implementation is no longer about server and applications, it is about people and data.  The key is how to integrate technology with the people in your company.  Technology should enhance your workforce not inhibit it.  We at C2Axis will work to bridge the gap between professional and computer, process and efficiency.
The demand from clients throughout all industries is to "prove" effectiveness.  It is no longer enough to achieve the results clients expect, now it is just as important to track the progress of tasks, provide trend analysis, and most importantly be nimble enough to fulfill clients requests quickly and efficiently.  The hours professionals must work is a constant, all industries require smart work by smart people, but how can we summarize and report the work, while limiting the impact on deliverables?  Through technology and smart implementations.
Each business is different, each firm has a unique set of challenges, but with engagement and commitment of senior leadership, the implementation of technology can create differentiation in a crowded marketplace, increase client confidence and satisfaction, and increase revenue.
Computational Consulting
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Tel: 504-517-2620

Who is C2Axis?

Jason Davey, C2Axis’s principal and lead developer, began his IT experience in 1999 while serving both at home and abroad with the United States Marine Corps. These experiences have provided a commitment to on-time delivery of efficient services in all phases of software support.

Jason’s immediate post-active duty experiences included network support services for several branches of our Armed Forces. Subsequently, he has been IT Project Manager for Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel, and has provided IT solutions to other Gulf Coast regional companies and New Orleans not-for-profit organizations.

Jason is the owner and lead developer at C2Axis and uses his years of knowledge supporting businesses, large and small, to implement technology and customize software.  Jason enjoys the integration of people with technology to create both human and technologically efficient systems.

Who is C2Axis?



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